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Kinloch Online Cannabis Store

We offer four unique product lines with no-to-low-THC that are formulated to produce beneficial effects. Whether you’re looking for more energy, replenishment, better rest or peace of mind, our formulas across each product type produce an experience tailored to your preferences. 

Discover how our effects-based products work.

An informed approach to self care.


The Elevate line offers a range of effects to improve focus, increase energy, and restore a feeling of balance.



The Serene line is here to help you let go, chill, reduce daily stress and increase your sense of wellbeing.



The CBZ line is specially formulated to help you fall into rest more easily and improve the quality of rest and relaxation.



Serene is perfect for settling you into your day, while Elevate is great for working hours.  Refresh can support your afternoon slump, with CBZ appropriate for beginning to shift to down time and rest. Discover which of our effect-based products is right for you.

Ingredients for life.


The Refresh line is formulated to support alertness, reduce irritation and to help you replenish after exercise.



Refresh™ CBG + CBD Mango Gummy Drop (20mg/20mg each)

Available in a 4 or 15 pack, these shaped naturally flavoured terpene enhanced confectionary gummies each with 20 mg of CBD and 20mg of CBG. These European confectionary style CBG gummies have a great taste and are the 2022 World CBD Awards winner in the Edibles category.


Ideal for

• After Workout

• Recovery

CBZ™ CBN + CBD Pomegranate Berry Gummy Drop (10mg CBN/20mg CBD each)

Available in a 4 or 15 pack, these naturally flavoured confectionary gummies, each with 20mg of CBD, are created with the addition of mood focused natural terpenes and 10mg of CBN per gummy. Great for nighttime routines, our gummies are enhanced with calming natural terpenes from hops and other botanicals. Our gummy drop line is the official winner of the 2022 World CBD Awards winner in the Edibles category.


Ideal for

•  Rest

• Nighttime

CBZ™ CBN + CBD Capsules

Easy to swallow soft gel capsules packed with a proprietary formula of CBN+CBD. The perfect format for nighttime routines. These CBD 20mg softgels are also low THC. 


Ideal for

• Nighttime

• Rest

Featured Products

Better products for a better world.

We are on a mission to create a wellness system without compromising taste or quality.

Pure Potency

Our products contain some of the purest and highest concentration of active ingredients on the market.

Great Taste

Terpenes provide the complex, natural flavour and aroma of our products. We don't deal in fake alternatives.

Trusted & Tested

Our products are manufactured in Canada under strictly regulated and compliant conditions.

No High

Ultra-low THC. Wherever possible THC is removed from our products.

Latest News

Imagine a world where you can scientifically measure the relaxation effect that a CBD product promises. That’s not a future dream—it’s happening now, thanks to cutting-edge EEG technology.

Many experienced cannabis consumers generally agree that the “Entourage Effect”—the power of terpenes coupled with cannabinoids—produces a much stronger effect. But how do you demonstrate that in quantifiable terms?

One such company set out to gather data to back up the idea, Kinloch Wellness.

Knowledge Center

Innovation and information

In Plants We Trust

We leverage the secret power of plants to produce effect-based alternatives without the downside of harsh chemicals, bad taste or addiction.

Proven 300% More Effective

Advanced formulas for rest, vitality and peace of mind. 

The Science
of Self Care

Find us in a store near you.

The Science
of Self Care

Advanced formulas for rest, recovery, vitality and peace of mind. 

Proven 300% More Effective

Find us in a store near you.

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