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6 June, 2024

Revolutionizing Relaxation: Wellness Company Uses Wearable EEG Technology to Quantify the True Effects of CBD Products - Cannabis Tech

Imagine a world where you can scientifically measure the relaxation effect that a CBD product promises. That’s not a future dream—it’s happening now, thanks to cutting-edge EEG technology.


26 April, 2024

CBD Product More Effective For Relaxation With Terpenes, EEG Scans Show

Many experienced cannabis consumers generally agree that the “Entourage Effect”—the power of terpenes coupled with cannabinoids—produces a much stronger effect. But how do you demonstrate that in quantifiable terms?

One such company set out to gather data to back up the idea, Kinloch Wellness.


15 April, 2024

The main objective of this study was to objectively measure the efficacy of Kinloch’s Serene™ CBD Green Apple Gummy Drop (the “Investigational Product”) to increase the relaxation state of consumers.


10 February, 2023

This week’s Trailblazer is Dwayne Stewart, CEO of Kinloch Naturals, comprised of three wholly-owned and vertically integrated subsidiaries.


25 October, 2022

Kinloch Wellness Awarded Best CBD Edible and Industry Pioneer at World CBD Awards

Kinloch Wellness Wins in two Categories Where Nominated; Edward Collins, CMO, Recognized as Global Industry Pioneer...


12 September, 2022

Kinloch Wellness Officially Launches at the Inaugural Hall of Flowers, Canada

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