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Direct Delivery FAQ's

Delivery Windows for Direct Delivery Orders from LPs

Elevate Wellness Ltd. schedules shipments on Mondays and Wednesdays each week. This regular schedule ensures timely and efficient delivery to meet retailer needs.

Order Cut-off Times for Direct Delivery Orders

To optimize delivery efficiency, orders placed by Friday will be dispatched by the following Wednesday for a Friday delivery. Orders received by Wednesday will be shipped by the subsequent Monday for delivery on Wednesday.

Minimum Order Quantity for Direct Delivery Orders

The minimum order is set at one case, offering flexibility for retailers. Additionally, larger orders benefit from reduced shipping costs, encouraging bulk purchases.

Shipping Costs Associated with Direct Delivery from LPs

Shipping charges, where applicable, will be separately invoiced by Elevate Wellness Ltd.

Return Policy for Products Received through Direct Delivery

Elevate Wellness Ltd. commits to a full refund for any orders returned due to damage or critical flaws. However, returns based on aging status concerns will not be accepted.

Tracking the Status of Direct Delivery Orders

Retailers can request the Purolator or other courier tracking number to monitor their order's journey.

Payment Terms for Direct Delivery Orders

Aligning with BC LDB requirements, all orders must be prepaid. Payments are to be made through EFT transfers.

Reporting and Resolving Order Delivery Discrepancies

Any issues with order discrepancies, such as missing or damaged items, should be promptly reported to for quick resolution.

Expedited Shipping for Urgent Orders

Retailers needing expedited shipping can directly contact us at for special requests, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to urgent needs.

Guidelines for Storing and Handling Products

All Kinloch products should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their quality and longevity.

Compliance Requirements for Retailers Receiving Direct Deliveries

Retailers are reminded to adhere to standard CRA and Health Canada compliance as per their Retailer License.

Handling Customer Service Inquiries and Complaints

Kinloch Naturals values its retail partners and urges any complaints to be directed to the CEO at or via phone at 604-825-7396 for immediate attention and resolution of any non-performance issues.

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