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  • Serene™ CBD Green Apple Gummy Drop (50mg each)

Serene™ CBD Green Apple Gummy Drop (50mg each)

Availabe in 4 or 30 packs, these uniquely shaped naturally flavoured TERPENE ENHANCED confectionary gummies each contain 50mg of CBD. These European confectionary style CBD gummies have a great mouth feel and are created by hand in a low-temperature process that preserves the broad-spectrum effect of the terpene and cannabinoid combination. This highly flavour focused gummy is presented in an eye pleasing custom “drop” shape. Flavour focussed and without bitterness, these 50 mg CBD gummies, made in Canada, are a winner at the 2022 World CBD Awards.


Quantity: 4 or 30

Total Cannabinoids per Package: 200ml or 1500ml


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  • Cannabinoids

    50 mg CBD each, THC FREE

  • Dominant Terpenes

    Beta Carypophyllene, Linalool, Beta Pinene, Alpha Phellandrene

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