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The benefits of sourcing from hemp

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Non-THC cannabis products can come in a wide variety of formulations, but many share the same manufacturing methods.

Extracting cannabinoids is a particularly complicated process, involving controlled distillation methods that isolate beneficial phytochemicals from the whole plant, followed by further purification.

To ensure products free of undesired effects, hemp-derived cannabinoids can be used to formulate low-to-no-THC products. Since hemp strains contain less than 0.3% THC, they’re a more reliable source of ingredients for wellness-based cannabis products.

Kinloch Wellness is vertically integrated through its partners to provide the highest level of quality assurance from seed to sale.

BC Hop Co, Kinloch’s sister company, provides industry-leading hemp outputs for a streamlined supply chain. Cannabinoid extracts are sourced in their purest form to ensure no additional THC is added to Kinloch’s full- and broad-spectrum products.

The more sustainable source for CBD

The Kinloch supply chain

  1. BC Hop Co and their partner farms use hands-on European techniques developed over generations of family farming. This hemp flower is processed using industry leading technology and quality assured for high CBD output.

  2. Terpenes are manufactured by Kinloch’s sister company, Flow Scientific. Their team of scientists have been supplying the cannabis industry with industry-leading formulations for many years. They provide support with research, development and quality assurance for each Kinloch Wellness formulation.

  3. Industry partners provide hemp-derived rare cannabinoid extracts and support product development utilizing these ingredients. Kinloch Wellness conducts third-party quality analysis on all its ingredients, which is confirmed by in house testing.

  4. Kinloch Wellness oversees the manufacturing of four effects-focused product categories, which are evaluated with evidence-based user reports from Strainprint analytics.

  5. Distributors, retailers, and end users are introduced to Kinloch Wellness through insightful public education materials like the effects wheel and Strainprint product reports.

Kinloch Wellness takes a thoughtful approach to cannabis-based wellness, using only the highest quality ingredients. Taking care throughout each step in research, cultivation, formulation and education sets Kinloch apart.

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