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Introducing a new approach to hemp

Updated: May 28

British Columbia has a long legacy of craft cannabis. World-renowned cultivars have been bred on local farms for decades, paving the way for today’s legal cannabis marketplace with quality products that demonstrate the plant’s significance.

Rooted in generations of family farming tradition, Kinloch Wellness delivers a whole new approach to the plant we know so well in BC.

Leveraging the secret power of plants, each product delivers distinctive effects that create desirable experiences while minimizing negative health risks associated with prolonged use of high-THC options.

In order to deliver the purest non-THC cannabis experience, Kinloch Wellness uses hemp-derived extracts, including rare cannabinoids like CBN and CBG, in easy to access formats like gummies, capsules, tinctures and pre-rolls.

What is hemp?

When it comes to cannabinoid-infused products, you should know what effects to expect, and when to expect them.

Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC content. This means that hemp extracts are unlikely to deliver any psychoactive effects to the user. Without these effects, cannabis users can more sustainably rely on their products in their wellness and self-care routines.

Formulating with hemp-derived CBD and other rare cannabinoids allows Kinloch Wellness to focus their effects-based product line on delivering the power of terpenes.

Hemp-derived formulas

While researchers are still working to illuminate the exact role of each phytochemical derived from cannabis, it’s not possible to make accurate claims about the health benefits or sensory effects of any cannabis ingredients. Instead, reports collected from medical cannabis patients is used to inform Kinloch’s careful formulation.

Each product in the Kinloch Wellness line is enhanced with botanically-derived terpenes, which are commonly used in aromatherapy, and over-the-counter wellness solutions.

Focused on four main effects, each product is formulated with proprietary blends of CBD, CBG and CBN, along with delicious fruit-flavoured terpene profiles. Terpenes are the magic ingredient that differentiates sativa strains from indica, giving one variety its reported uplifting effects and the other its relaxing ones.

Kinloch’s effect-based formulas contain some of the purest and highest concentrations of active ingredients on the market. Their team of Canadian scientists research, develop and test high potency alternatives under a strict manufacturing environment.

Non-THC broad-spectrum products in multi-compound formulas are rare in the Canadian marketplace — and beyond. Kinloch Wellness introduces CBD and rare cannabinoids in terpene-rich formats to users with a wide variety of preferences.

Some degree of trial and error is always to be expected when sampling new products, but Kinloch cuts down on confusion with its novel approach to cannabis-based wellness.

Understanding the effects of hemp

To help the canna-curious understand the full array of terpenes and cannabinoids found in throughout Kinloch Wellness products, their associated scent and flavour profiles, and the effects to expect from each, the effects wheel was developed.

Strainprint® Technology is utilized to collect data on the cannabinoids and terpenes in each slice of the chart. Cannabis users self-report their outcomes to Strainprint®, who compile confidential and compliant reports for industry experts. The efficacy of each Kinloch formula is also evaluated using Strainprint® reporting, which uses cannabis consumption analytics to understand how different products affect users.

Users can look to the effects wheel to understand which terpenes and cannabinoids are used by Kinloch to formulate each product.

By better understanding their choices as cannabis consumers, individuals become better equipped to use these products safely and effectively. Kinloch Wellness presents an educated and data-informed approach to cannabis-based self care, in hopes to open doors for CBD, rare cannabinoids and terpenes to gain further traction in mainstream wellness.


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